New Concept Hair Dryer

$59.99 USD

New concept hair dryer, natural wind, awakening you. Light luxury quality debut, continuation of classic T-type hidden structural stylish and elegant elegance. High-speed turbine motor special silent flap design, not relying Temperature is dry, strong wind and quick drying. The wind blows the essence without any hair care oil to improve the hair, using millions of nanomagnetic energy ions and collagen nourishing repair tough hair roots simultaneously repair damaged hair Cold wind speed switching unpolatile shift temperature switch, cold and cold 3 gear position.

Product details of HERSANDTHEMCOLLECTIONS 1200W New Concept T Shape Hair Dryer - 80M Water Anion Hair Care - High Speed Cooper DC Motor - 120000 Wind Speed - 1 Switch Wind Temperature Regulation - 3 Stage Temperature Control - 57 Heat Uniformity - 50db Low Noise - 2M Thick Wired Cable High Quality Copper DC Motor - 3,500pa, 72/h - Durable & Reliable High Speed - 120000 Wind Force - Hair Dry in 59 seconds Built in 80M Water Anion Hair Care Technology- Protect Hair Damage 1-switch Wind Temperature Regulation Control 3-stage Temperature Control (Cold, Natural, Hot) Built in NTC Over Heating Device Feature Built in Thermal Protection Inner Cover 57 Heat Uniformity Technology 50db Low Noise 2M Thick Wire Cable UK 3 Pin Plug Accessories Included : 2x Air Collect Nozzle, 1x Large Style Hood Safety Certification : 3C 2017010709941763 Product Model : RLY328 Product Size : 20.0cm x 4.5cm x 24.5cm Product Weight : 0.3Kg Product Cable Length : 2.0M Voltage Inupt : 220v~50Hz Power Rating : 1,000W~1,500W

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