Micro Links 2.8 (Black)

$6.99 USD

Introducing NOEYUN Copper Tubes: These super long, 7mm copper tubes are designed to offer extended stay on your head compared to other hair extension rings. The duration your hair extensions remain in place depends on the rate of your hair growth. Longer hair extension rings equate to longer-lasting results.

Variety of Colors: Choose from 7 optional colors to find the shade closest to your hair extensions, ensuring a more seamless and undetectable look.

Multiple Quantity Options: We provide flexibility in quantity with options of 500pcs per pack, 1000pcs per pack, and 2500pcs per pack. For even more variety, our 3500pcs multi-color option includes 500pcs for each color, making it ideal for hair salons and hairstylist training.

Copper Rings Size: The dimensions of these copper rings are 2.8mm x 2.3mm x 7mm. Please note that these rings are specifically suitable for 0.5g per strand I-tip hair extensions. We offer a range of other hair extension rings, including 4mm and 5mm micro rings, 2.5mm nano rings, and 3.4mm x 3.0mm x 6.0mm copper tubes. If you require a different size, don't hesitate to reach out.

Versatile Use: These rings can be used for various hair extension methods, including I-tip hair extensions, feather hair extensions, and microlink hair extensions. Please be aware that this item does not contain any silicone on the inside.

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