Micro Links 3.4 (White)

$7.99 USD

Brand New Copper Tube Micro Rings: These micro rings are entirely new and made from high-quality copper.

Specifications: They have a diameter of 3.4mm on the outside, 3.0mm on the inside, and a length of 6mm.

Versatile Usage: These micro tubes, also known as beads, are perfect for various hair extension applications. They can be used to extend hair length, add volume, and create highlights.

Lightweight Copper Construction: Crafted from lightweight copper, these micro links are small, round beads that are both durable and easy to work with.

Quantity and Color Options: You have the flexibility to choose both the quantity and color that best suit your needs. For instance, when selecting 2500Pcs in multi-color, you'll receive 500pcs each of Black, Brown, Blonde, Light Brown, and Dark Brown micro rings, allowing you to cater to your specific requirements.

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