Micro Links 5.0 (Gold)

$8.99 USD

1 ​Micro Ring Hair Extensions are crafted from authentic human hair, ensuring minimal shedding and zero tangling, blending seamlessly with your natural locks.

2 ​These Remy Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions weigh 50g and are available in lengths ranging from 14 to 24 inches. Each strand weighs 0.5g, with 100 strands per 50g set. For added volume, we recommend using 2-3 packs, and for extended length, 3-4 packs may be necessary.

3 ​Our Micro Loop Hair Extensions employ silicone rings that prevent slipping, making them easy to wear and remove without causing harm to your hair. The micro beads are designed to match your hair color, seamlessly concealing them within your own hair.

4 ​Micro Link Hair Extensions can be trimmed, straightened, curled, and dyed to a darker shade, provided the temperature does not exceed 180°C.

​Please note that all the images are captured by us. However, slight variations in color may occur due to lighting, monitor settings, and other factors.

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